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Custom Blockchain Development, Simplified

Yodaplus delivers high-performance blockchain-based solutions for your business. Our innovative capacity is backed by 20+ years of experience in the banking and financial services niche.

Diverse Blockchain-Based Solutions

Blockchain Consulting Services

Our expert team can guide you through blockchain design solutions best suited to your business.

Custom Blockchain Development

We customize DeFi dApp development on popular platforms like Ethereum for all your crypto assets.

Blockchain Development Services For App Management

Outsource your blockchain development to Yodaplus for seamless deployment. Focus on your business and leave the rest to our experts.

Custom Blockchain Development

Blockchain Technology Consulting

Blockchain Consulting

Consult our experts at Yodaplus for all your queries about blockchains, what they can do, and how your business can capitalize on this modern technology.
Capital markets Technology & Domain Consulting

Capital Markets Tech & Domain Consulting

Our domain and blockchain development experts are key players in the FinTech spheres, bringing you expertise in capital markets technologies. Run your POCs and pilots seamlessly with Yodaplus.
Multisig Wallet development

Multisignature Wallet Development

Manage shared assets using multisig wallets: our blockchain development services help you create the most secure and fail-proof way to store your cryptocurrency.
Secured Dapp Development (DeFi)

Secure DeFi dApps

Let our experts guide you in safeguarding your smart contracts with time-tested blockchain tech customized to your needs.
Whitelabeled Tokenised Assets Custody

White-labeled Custodies

Our blockchain development services provide white-label-friendly solutions to help you establish safe digital custody for tangible or intangible valuables – crypto currencies, stable coins and asset-backed security tokens.
DeFi apps

Decentralized Finance(DeFi) App Development

Leverage our custom blockchain development services to design apps that resonate with your decentralized finance setups and maximize ROI.
Asset Tokenization

Asset Tokenization

Yodaplus employs distributed ledger technology to help you tokenize any asset while maintaining full transparency, reliability, and trust.
Enterprise application integration (EAI) services

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

We can help integrate your existing tech suite with the new blockchain-based solution to ensure a seamless workflow for your business.

Our Process

Step 1

Deliberation Stage

Our experts can help you select the best blockchain for your business by conducting market research, needs and feasibility assessments, and blockchain platform analysis.

Step 2

Design Stage

Deliver exceptional customer satisfaction with our intuitive UI/UX for better utility of applications. Make your solution successful in the blockchain marketplace.

Step 3

Deployment Stage

From deliberation to deployment, we ensure a seamless process for your solution. Our team can help you deploy the solution on public or closed blockchains to test them against the requirements.

Step 4

Testing Stage

We test our solutions through a rigorous environment before an official launch. Our continuous testing and feedback loops ensure that the deliverables are always high-quality.

Step 5


Yodaplus provides long-term customer support to ensure the quality of your solution is maintained. We deal with any critical errors that may appear along the way.

Function-Focused Custodian FinTech

Connect with our experts to understand the scope of our blockchain solutions.

Omnibus Customer Securities Accounts

Let your clients and customers secure their variegated assets in a single, private account withhigh-level blockchain security and off-chain transactions. Give your customers freedom from high network fees.

HSM Wallets

Reduce the execution times for your frequently used wallets while increasing their availabilityusing Hardware Security Module wallets. Yodaplus helps you deploy as many warm wallets as you require.

Reliable and Robust Infra

With Yodaplus, you get consistent and high availability of all your operational nodes, regardless of the cryptocurrency deployed. Work with a stress-free operation across all your nodes.

Hosting Solutions

Operate your solutions with optimized latencies as we host our services in Singapore. The hosting is needs-based, which further helps deliver optimum network response.


We provide solutions that are compatible with several runtime environments. You can continue using other solutions (like Binance Smart Chain) while employing our blockchain products in the same RTE.

Label Wallets

To make it easier to identify wallets assigned to customers, we help you deploy label wallets with logical assignment. It prevents multiple changes for transactions as they happen in the same vault.

Multitenant Architecture

Safely create a multipartite wallet with robust isolations between clientele. This feature provides high functionality for businesses that offer white-labeled products.

Smart Contracts

If you require smart contracts of any type or kind, Yodaplus can help you acquire them. Whether the ERC20 or ERC777, our smart contracts cover all your requirements.

Our Diverse Clientele

Noteworthy trade finance enterprises


Trade asset tokenization Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)

Crypto Asset Managers

ICO STO-backed corporates

Crypto custodians

Our Multi-sig Wallet Application

YYodaplus multi signature wallet Banner

We Value Client Satisfaction


“I have had the pleasure of working with the talented team at Yodaplus on our decentralized DNS platform called GoDomains, and I was amazed with their professionalism and knowledge. They were able to deliver a custom solution that met all of our needs. The team was highly communicative and always available to answer questions or address any concerns. I strongly recommend Yodaplus to anyone in need of enterprise-grade software development services especially pertaining to fintech and blockchain.”

CEO, GoDomains

“Wow, the blockchain team at Yodaplus is seriously impressive. They know their domain when it comes to blockchain technology and are well aware of the banking systems, the same is reflected in the way they have developed multi-approval multi-sig wallet. We had a really smooth experience working with them. I have no doubt that working with Yodaplus will continue to be a huge advantage for us. I'd definitely recommend Yodaplus to any business looking for blockchain development and asset tokenization services.”

Jignesh Ved
Co-Founder, Comtech Gold

“We recently teamed up with Yodaplus to create a platform that helps innovative, evidence-based nutraceutical businesses succeed. I am so happy with how it turned out. The Yodaplus team totally got our vision and made it a reality - they were extremely proficient and knew exactly what they were doing. The platform is already connecting so many potential clients and partners in the nutraceutical space, and will continue being an invaluable asset to our business. Yodaplus has been an awesome partner, and we can’t wait to achieve more milestones together.”

Amit Srivastava
CEO, Nutrify Today

“In 2017 we approached Yodaplus to build for us an HR tech platform. And let me tell you, working with them from ideation to prototyping to delivery was a wonderful journey. Their team has a great ability to connect with client ideas and convert them into fantastic products. They are also skilled at developing products at competitive prices within the given deadlines. A significant part of our success has been thanks to their talented team.”

Mahesh Jethani
CEO, TeamNest

“We partnered with Yodaplus to create an educational platform and were very satisfied with the results. Not only were they excellent at what they do, but they also had great project management skills and delivered on time and within the budget. Big thumbs up to the Yodaplus team! We won the Atmanirbhar App Challenge too!!”

Saakar Yadav
Founder, IsEqualTo

“Yodaplus is an extension of our digital transformation team and is continuously engaged in the development of our e-commerce business, while also assisting in tracking and analysis of our digital campaigns that have yielded a Return on Investment. Given Yodaplus' deep expertise in technology and an entrepreneurial outlook; we are looking forward to working closely together in building and implementing the techno-marketing roadmap for Brand Chef Solutions e-commerce business well into the future.”

Sitanshu Singh
Founder Chef Solutions

“I'll strongly recommend Yodaplus in delivering great tech products and deliverables. Vishrut is a great sounding board for building technology products. He has provided us with mentorship that has helped us build lean prototypes and software architecture that have scaled with size, yet assisted us in keeping our costs prudent.”

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