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Asset Tokenization Explained

The process of converting your physical assets into digital asset-backed “tokens” is known as asset tokenization. You can create digital tokens on a distributed ledger system using an asset tokenization platform. By using decentralized blockchain technology, Yodaplus can efficiently transform your physical assets into immutable and secure digital tokens that cannot be altered by any individual.

Robust and Feature-Packed Asset Tokenization

Fractional Ownership

Fragment the ownership of your assets through ownership democratization using our asset tokenization platform. Make market investments equitable through diversifying digital token ownership.


Blockchain stores immutable transaction details to provide secure and transparent records of ownership and asset transfers occurring on the platform.

Take Control of Your Assets
and Tokenize Them Today!

Do you own any collectible sports trading cards or famous paintings? You can now tokenize them with Yodaplus Asset Tokenization Platform and unlock limitless opportunities for your assets in the digital realm.

What Can Be Tokenized

What can you tokenize?

Asset tokenization platforms can be used to tokenize a variety of your physical assets, like digital media, expensive artwork, real-estate properties, precious metals, venture capital funds, bonds, commodities, asset rights (for example, sports teams), and much more.

Advantages and Use-Cases of Asset Tokenization


Asset tokenization is the process of converting physical or digital assets, like real estate, company shares, gold, etc., into digital tokens on a blockchain, which can then be used or traded by the owner without an intermediary.

Asset tokenization can help you increase liquidity from your investments. It also enables you to minimize costs by eliminating intermediaries. Additionally, a tokenized asset can be divided into multiple shares through fractional ownership to boost investment in new markets like real estate.

Asset tokenization protects your asset ownership and transaction history through revolutionary blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Apart from heightened security, tokenization has made financial systems more efficient, cost-effective, and accessible to all. It has also opened up several investment opportunities through fractional ownership capabilities, making it the future technology.

Asset tokenization works for any property with a value in the market – for example, antiques, collectibles, gold, shares, real estate, etc. Yodaplus is one of the best asset tokenization companies that can help you securely tokenize your assets.

Yes. Encryption uses algorithms to transform plaintext into ciphertext, requiring a unique key to decrypt. On the other hand, tokenization generates a random token value for a data set. It uses that as a placeholder for sensitive information stored securely elsewhere and only retrieved upon an authorized request.

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