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What is the Yodaplus Multi-Signature Wallet?

Our multi-signature wallet, Yplusvault, is a technologically advanced solution for your crypto fund security. Built on the Xinfin blockchain, this MultiSig wallet is operational for XDCNetwork worldwide. Yplusvault is devoid of intermediaries, making transactions safer and more secure, whether you're an individual or an organization.

Reliable Solutions

Yplusvault is an industry-leading MultiSig wallet ensuring secure transactions for its users.

Xinfin Network Community

Yplusvault is built on XinFin, a global open-source Hybrid Blockchain platform with independent community contributors. It uses a Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus network which helps it achieve ultra-fast and low-cost transactions.


The platform operates in a decentralized manner, facilitating peer-to-peer transactions and aiding trade finance originators in distributing deals to a diverse group of funders, including banks and non-banks. This platform also assists corporate and government treasuries in efficiently managing their capital and enhancing their buyer/supplier connections.

Yodaplus MultiSig Wallet - One Platform, Multiple Uses

Yplus Vault for Individuals

You can personally manage your digital assets through Yplusvault by confirming transactions on various devices like hardware wallets, laptops, paper wallets, or even a combination of these.

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Digital Assets

YPlus Multisig Vault supports XDC, XRC20 Tokens(SRX, PLI, USNOTA, GBEX), stable coins (SGDG, EURG, HKDG, USDG), and XRC721 (Collectibles). You can easily find the fiat values of your assets in the vault.

Hardware Wallet

Connect to a D’cent Hardware Wallet

You can easily connect to the XDCPay wallet and a hardware wallet D’cent.

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Leading MultiSig Wallet for Enterprises

Yplusvault offers better management and control options for organizations to enforce accessibility permissions and better segmentation for enterprise use. The platform is ready to use and quick to deploy.

Applications Using on Yplusvault

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Yplusvault uses the Xinfin blockchain on the XDCNetwork. Before any transaction begins, it needs to be approved by the set minimum number of people using the wallet.

Your Safe setup depends on the number of owners, your threshold, and which owner wallet you use. Use more than one owner and a threshold higher than one to ensure that there are multiple authentication factors and that no individual can execute a transaction.

The owner wallet depends on what you're already using. The Safe is compatible with Xinpay, Metamask, hardware wallets like D’CENT, and mobile wallets that could support WalletConnect.

Here is a breakdown of the cost of creating a safe:

  • A Yodaplus Vault with 2 owners requires about 70K gas.
  • A Yodaplus Vault with 3 owners requires about 84K gas
  • A Yodaplus Vault with 4 owners requires about 91K gas.

Select "New Transactions" and select "Send Funds." Specify your recipients and authenticate the transfer to complete the process.

Yes, you can find the option to do that in the "Owners" section under the "Add New Owner" button. Under new owner details, you need to specify their Xinfin details.

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