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Executive Summary

Our client is the investment division of a prominent multilateral development bank, which finances sustainable projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. The institution is engaged in building its capital corpus by dynamically investing in varied instruments such as equities, government bonds, corporate bonds, interest rate swaps, money market mutual funds, and short-term instruments.

The institution's treasury management department targets above-average market returns in its asset liability management function by leveraging securities reference data from Bloomberg and other securities authorities.

For smooth and timely facilitation of settlement of trades in asset transactions:

  • Accurate pricing information must be shared with settlement and portfolio management systems.
  • Position information must be shared on a timely basis with General Ledger Accounting and Portfolio and Risk Management systems.

Core Business Challenge

In the digital era, the institution's treasury management division was still manually executing a wide range of functions, including order processing, trade ticket tracking, custodian interface, and transferring data to downstream systems via spreadsheets.

This approach resulted in:

  • Duplication of master data Duplication of master data
  • Delays in receiving critical information required to make trades that delivered higher returns Delays in receiving critical information required to make trades that delivered higher returns
  • Massive consumption of human effort and time to complete all updations and settlement of trades Massive consumption of human effort and time to complete all updations and settlement of trades

Our Solution

Yodaplus Technologies came on board as a development and implementation partner to bring digital transformation to their processes. Our first task was to educate the client on the industry standards and transformative potential of digitized reference data solutions.

Based on the client's unique challenges, Yodaplus delivered a bespoke reference data platform solution, which enables the client to access clean, timely reference data from multiple sources simultaneously.

  • Our Solution The solution offers a single, reliable, consistent source of securities master, pricing reference data and upto date positions and general ledger information delivered via a resilient and scalable technology platform.
  • Our Solution The solution adheres to the six data quality dimensions of accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness, validity, and uniqueness.
  • Our Solution The reference data includes rating information leveraged by credit risk measurement systems.
  • Our Solution The platform enables team members to execute all functions digitally to support the settlement process and risk management.
  • Our Solution The treasury management system enables team members to get a 360-degree view of investments, transactional information, and accurate business analytics.

Solution Outcomes

Yodaplus' solution aims to increase business agility and offer users timely access to critical data balanced against the need to reduce the total cost of ownership.

  1. We delivered a best-of-breed technology and software stack that enhanced processing speed, resilience, security, and higher scalability of operations.

  2. The new platform delivered near real-time data capture, which triggered efficient, accurate, and informed decision-making.

  3. The new platform facilitates predetermined feed handlers, a standard data model, and workflows, which in turn results in a lower cost of ownership, flexibility around onboarding new data sources, and the ability to multisource.

  4. The new platform is designed to facilitate ongoing innovation, inspiring confidence in the strength of the roadmap. Customized development has eliminated the redundancy factor faced while implementing product-based solutions.

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Yodaplus solutions publishing capabilities provide data as a service to downstream systems and all organisations' departments that need the data from the central repository. We offer bespoke enterprise data management solutions as well as implementation of packaged solutions with an industry-standard data model, out-of-the-box rules, and workflows. We help you develop consistent data architecture solutions that scale alongside your enterprise.

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