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Our Expertise

Financial Markets
Mitigate and minimise risk from exposure to financial markets. Leverage our Risk Management Expertise. Ensure data quality, less errors, higher profits by utilising our master data management expertise of financial data. Deal with high volume data, tick data, back testing, etc through our market data management expertise. Seamless end customer onboarding and handholding on industry leading products using our IT Consulting unit through implementation of products. Use solutions such as Blockchain to cut down settlement times by leveraging our trading and settlement systems expertise. Discover actionable insights to maximise returns on investment portfolio by visualising, slicing and dicing your data.
App of Artificial Intelligence
Capitalise on actionable insights and increase topline and bottomline. Enable outcomes such as increased footfall to stores using high fidelity recommendation systems in targeted campaigns. Be ahead of your competitors by capitalising on market changes before them by using predictive models for forecasting trends. Leverage the latest applications in vision, NLP, forecasting to help your company disrupt its markets. Use AI Machine learning, supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement learning, deep learning, CNNs and RNNs.
Provide remote consultations in the new normal of covid19 through our anytime, anywhere Electronic Medical Records. Use our deep understanding of Indian Healthcare Ecosystem to build cutting edge solutions for Pharma, Hospitals and Doctors. Improve Clinical Outcomes by assessing medical risk through clinical decision support systems. Provide up to date, reliable and consistent patient education through patient centered Content Management Systems.
Engage your customers and increase lifetime value by building retail solutions such as mobile loyalty programs with POS integrations. Get a holistic view of your business drivers. Visualise your customer data with maximum insights in minimum time. Achieve 10x increase in productivity of payments processing staff through automated processing of billing.
Infrastructure Plan
Stress free use of cloud platforms for your products through secure deployment and maintenance of applications on cloud.