Enterprise Data Management Services Make Razor-Sharp Business Decisions with Actionable Data

Enterprise Data Management Services

What is Enterprise Data Management?

Enterprise data management (EDM) is a tech-enabled process with the intelligence capabilities to validate, analyze, visualize, govern, and maintain massive amounts of data as a single source of truth for all stakeholders in any highly scalable financial business.

EDM Solutions to Accelerate Growth

In today's business world, enterprise data management is more than an operational necessity. It is a strategic asset that empowers teams to make the right judgment calls and expedite decision-making, especially when the stakes are high.

Yodaplus partners with organizations to transform raw data sourced from their internal and external systems into quality-checked, accessible, actionable insights that are ready to be used by systems and users.

Our team of EDM experts achieves these outcomes by developing custom/bespoke EDM solutions for organizations. We also help in the implementation and customization of existing/packaged solutions to transform business processes and achieve corporate objectives.

Why Your Organization Needs EDM

Financial firms are sitting on a goldmine of raw data streaming into their ecosystem via multiple channels every second.

EDM is a comprehensive solution that facilitates automation, version control, accurate reporting for clients and regulators, achievement of business objectives, and enhanced efficiency of data operations. It enables seamless data integration between various legacy systems, consequent validation and governance of data into a golden copy, and easy dissemination of data to relevant stakeholders.

The final output—a superior quality of actionable data—enables financial firms to hit KPI metrics and accurately make key decisions that determine the profitability of the firm.

Domain-Based to Recipient Based
Domain-Based to Recipient Based
Five Phases of Data Management

Core Benefits of Yodaplus' EDM Expertise

  1. Seamless Integration:

    Eliminate internal and external data silos amongst legacy applications and systems.

  2. Data Quality:

    Get access to data that is validated, enriched, and reconciled across multiple sources, thus reducing operational risk.

  3. Data Quality Measurement:

    DQ measured across six dimensions—accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness, validity, and uniqueness.

  1. Data Governance:

    Create a single version of truth, have data stewardship of data assets, and access to a transparent audit trail.

  2. Greater Transparency:

    Benefit from data lineage that provides look-through hierarchy and side-by-side source comparisons.

  3. Data Dissemination:

    Aggregate and publish data in the right format at the right time as needed by each business.

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Enterprise Data Management with Yodaplus

Every business' data needs are unique. To that end, Yodaplus offers bespoke enterprise data management solutions as well as implementation of packaged solutions with an industry-standard data model, out-of-the-box rules, and workflows. We help you develop consistent data architecture solutions that scale alongside your enterprise.


Data is pulled into the system from all internal and external sources and then validated. Missing data points are filled in, and duplication is resolved. A golden copy, i.e., a master version of any record, is generated and made available in all reporting and maintenance systems. It is accessible to relevant stakeholders. When a golden copy is updated, stakeholders are notified.

EDM integrates data from all internal and external systems and channels, including transactional, trade, operational, customer, and financial data.

Our bespoke EDM solutions are crafted based on your unique business needs. Our team of experts will understand the current challenges and goals in-depth, review gaps in the existing system, and build a customized solution to equip your team with real-time, actionable data that can drive key decisions.

Blockchain reduces the scope for data manipulation and ensures the integrity of the data. Yodaplus leverages the power of blockchain to bring complete transparency and a high level of data governance to the process, creating a single version of the truth that's accessible to all relevant stakeholders.

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