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The Concept of Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise data management (EDM) is an advanced, tech-powered process of inventorying, governing, and analyzing organizational data to inform business decisions with solid enterprise insights. Easily govern your business data with a sound data management strategy that draws from a single source of truth.

Transformative Enterprise Data Management Solutions Customized to Your Needs

Data management strategy has become pivotal in achieving synchronized, pan-enterprise growth by allowing professionals to tap into deep operational and quality insights and make key information accessible, usable, and executable.

At Yodaplus, we work with organizations as their data-tech partners in collating raw data from myriad disparate sources into a unified repository. We help filter and synthesize purposeful insights from unstructured data into meaningful, business-case information.

Our dedicated team of EDM specialists aids your organization in EDM transformation for better process outcomes, improved efficiencies, and more robust decision-making. Our customized configuration of data solutions ensures your business gets targeted results.

The Pressing Need for a Sturdy EDM Solution

How does your business operationalize the copious amounts of raw financial data derived from multiple sources and channels? It needs a little polishing to produce transcending insights for business use.

By incorporating well-designed financial data management solutions at your organization, you can drive elevated, competitive business intelligence with improved data quality. Your organization can better mitigate risks, govern its data, and stay updated and compliant with regulatory mandates.

Empower your organization with the right data management strategy that informs operational intelligence and problem-solving. Optimize your infrastructure, storage, and backup-related IT costs and improve informational access across the enterprise.

EDM helps your business consolidate data from scattered sources and establish authoritative repositories.

Domain-Based to Recipient Based
Domain-Based to Recipient Based
Five Phases of Data Management

Yodaplus' Exceptional EDM Advantages

  1. Seamless Integration:

    Unify all systems and applications—legacy or novel—by bridging and facilitating data flow through seamless integrations.

  2. Quality-Assured Data:

    Mitigate internal and external operational risks by making validated, enriched, collated, and comprehensive data accessible organization-wide with little effort.

  3. Data Quality Measurement:

    Get timely access to QC’d, bona fide data that's measured across six dimensions - accuracy, consistency, completeness, timeliness, validity and uniqueness.

  1. Governance:

    Establish a single source of truth for your enterprise data and appoint access controls for better ministration of digital assets while demonstrating a transparent audit record.

  2. Transparency in the Data Tree:

    Gain more visibility into your data relationships, hierarchies, and comparatives with little effort.

  3. Sharing and Distribution:

    Share knowledge flexibly using the right data formats as needed.

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Partner with Yodaplus for Streamlined, Efficient Enterprise Data Management Solutions

At Yodaplus, we believe every business deserves data management solutions akin to its workflows and operations. We facilitate customized implementation configured singularly to fit the needs of your enterprise with a robust data architecture that resonates with your processes and workflows. Our industry-standard data models are tested, verified, and efficient.


Enterprise data management standardizes the data collection, collation, verification, and flow at your organization to streamline how it's treated and used.

Yes, EDM assists your organization with better management of data collected from all internal and external resources.

We provide custom data management solutions to your business, focusing on the unique nature of workflows and operations while designing a suitable EDM structure that suits the business.

The utilization of blockchain technology minimizes the possibility of data tampering and guarantees data integrity. Yodaplus is adept at capitalizing on this capability to establish full transparency and advanced data governance throughout the process, resulting in a unified and verifiable version of the facts that all pertinent parties can access.

Enterprise data management (EDM) encompasses a wide range of data-related activities throughout an organization, including governance, architecture, integration, quality, metadata, and security. In contrast, master data management (MDM) is a specific approach that focuses on creating a single, trusted source of truth for critical data elements like customer or product data, which can be used across different applications and systems.

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