The Yodaplus Decentralized Finance Lending Pool Create investment opportunities with asset-backed tokens

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Understanding the Yodaplus Lending Pool

The Yodaplus lending pool is a revolutionary solution that builds on the blockchain core of our tokenization platform. You can leverage our DeFi lending pool as white-label products to expand your investment portfolio into asset-backed tokens of the blockchain realm – whether you are a FinTech company, a bank, or a financial institution.

The on-chain liquidity of the XDC Network becomes accessible to your firm for investing in high-return asset-backed tokens. The security, transparency, and smooth operation of the trade are ensured by open-source smart contracts that govern these tokens.

The asset-backed tokens issued over the blockchain network adhere to the automated DVP process, which mobilizes the assets of the Yodaplus lending pool. The funds are deployed over the network in a decentralized way using smart contracts that enhance the security of the entire transaction and help improve traceability.

Issuing and redeeming the tokens is done at the pool NAV, which is also automatically governed by smart contracts for investment transparency.

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Issue and redeem asset-backed investments on the blockchain with Yodaplus lending pool.

Xinfin Network Community

Made up of independent contributors of the global blockchain community, Xinfin is an open-source and hybrid blockchain that provides fast transaction speeds. Yodaplus DeFi lending pool provides low-cost transactions by leveraging this technology.


TradeFinex is a decentralized, peer-to-peer platform that facilitates the deal distribution of trade assets to a diverse range of institutions and alternative asset investors. Corporate and government treasuries can leverage this technology to manage their funds better and foster positive relationships with stakeholders.

Features of the Yodaplus DeFi Lending Pool

The Yodaplus DeFi lending pool features a highly parametric incentive mechanism to balance the loan market. This establishes better trust in the system between users, facilitating seamless trade.

  1. HSM Security Enabled Warm Wallets

    Yodaplus lending pool allows you to create as many warm wallets as you need. They are designed for frequent use, high availability, and low execution times.

  2. Multi-Tenant architecture

    This design approach is efficient and cost-effective, especially for white-label providers. It allows you to create isolated instances on the same wallet, providing seamless and secure access for multiple tenants on one platform.

  1. Omnibus Accounts

    One way to help customers avoid paying high network fees is by utilizing omnibus accounts in conjunction with private chain accounting. This involves conducting transactions off-chain.

  2. Smart Contracts

    Yodaplus can fulfil all smart contracts-related requirements of your business. Whether you use ERC20 or ERC777, we can provide it for you.

Yodaplus Capital Market

DeFi Lending Pool for Crypto Investors

Designed and developed in-house, the Yodaplus’s Lending Pool is specially formulated for cryptocurrency investors to give them better control and transparency concerning their assets.


Firstly, Yodaplus's tokenization platform issues NAV-based pool tokens to investors. The end-to-end functioning of the pool is modeled on smart contract technology. Investments, funds, and returns on the pool investment are managed in a transparent, decentralized manner in line with blockchain technology.

For borrowers, a lending pool trade will reduce your cost of funding and significantly simplify the operational overheads of the lending process.

For investors, you get exposure to new kinds of investment opportunities, and economically speaking, lending against tokenized assets helps reduce dependence on collateral.

Trends suggest that trade finance is being reimagined with DeFi lending pools, which provide better control, security, versatility, and transparency in trade. Additionally, the development of stablecoin regulations will transform this 15 trillion dollar industry in the coming years.

Yes, Yodaplus DeFi lending pool works on the Xinfin blockchain over the XDC Network, which provides enhanced security and cryptographic hashes for asset verification.

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Learn how the Yodaplus lending pool is the safest way to invest in asset-backed tokens.

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