How to Set Up a Custom Blockchain DApp for Your Company

Blockchain is a disruptive technology, there is no doubt about that, but still, there is plenty of room for innovation, as this technology evolves over time.  

In fact, according to market research, several traditional businesses are employing Custom blockchain development services in order to explore the possibilities of this new emerging technology as well as benefit from this technology in the long run. 

Significance of Blockchain:

Blockchain’s immutable public ledger is a unique characteristic that helps address several crucial operational problems that most businesses face in today’s digital economy. 

With respect to underlying design, technology, and engineering, blockchain technology is a distributed database that allows users to store value as well as permits secure, transparent, and tamper-proof transactions across borders. 

Right from the start, every transaction on the blockchain is verified by each and every node live on the network. As a result of consistent verification and encryption of transactions, the network is less prone to serious cyber-attacks from hackers all around the globe. 

What are DApps?

DApp is a backend code that autonomously runs on a distributed/ decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain network such as XDC – which is not the case with centralized apps that solely run on centralized servers. The decentralized application is a combination of a smart contract and a frontend user interface. 

But, wait a minute, What exactly is XDC Network?

The Xinfin network, also known as XDC Network, is a hybrid blockchain. It is a fully equipped blockchain with both private and public states. It also consists of interoperable smart contracts that are perfectly compatible with EVM machines. 

XDC network employs a delegated proof-of-stake (dPoS) mechanism to reach consensus across the blockchain infrastructure. The major benefit of using the XDC network is the scalability factor which is crucial for every business, the transparency across the board, and the speed of transaction – which is really impressive.

Functional properties of Smart Contract

On the XDC network, smart contracts are easily accessible and transparent. At the functional level, smart contracts are programmable as well as they act as open APIs. 

In fact, while developing a DApp, businesses can integrate different types of smart contracts written by other developers or institutions into their own DApp without any hassle.

Role of a Blockchain-based DApp development company:

Most businesses lack the technical know-how required to implement a fully functional Dapps, this is where a Blockchain development company can come to the rescue. 

Blockchain development company enables traditional business organizations to harness the power and potential of blockchain-based systems that help imbue transparency, security, and trust in their daily business operations. 

Moreover, in order to add an extra layer of cyber protection, several blockchain development services implement advanced security measures to mitigate the risk of serious cyber threats while developing DApp.    

On the other hand, blockchain consulting services guide businesses regarding all the tools and techniques required to implement a robust, operational blockchain-based system.

Yodaplus provide end-to-end blockchain app development services right from the Dapp development and programming smart contracts stage till its successful deployment on the blockchain. 

Custom Blockchain DApp Development process:

The below-mentioned procedure is a simplified explanation of the actual custom blockchain DApp development process. 

The first step is mapping out a stepwise procedure of tasks businesses want to perform with the DApp. Developing an algorithm according to the business objective. 

After attaining proper structure, write the actual code in a coding environment such as Remix. After writing the code, ensure that the logic of the code is appropriate. Next, compile and test the smart contract in the early stages of development. If errors and bugs show up, debug and solve them gradually.   

For compilation, XDC offers a native compiler that is fully integrated with Remix for smart contract developers and blockchain development services. Additionally, the XDC compiler provides ABI and ByteCode – which are required to run the smart contract on the blockchain. 

For developing a decentralized application or DApp, two major infrastructural components are required: a blockchain network and a wallet client. 

To store digital tokens and transact, XDC Network offers a command-line wallet “wallet-cli”. The “wallet-cli” holds significant importance in the Custom blockchain development of DApps. It enables developers and blockchain app development services to post and deploy the smart contracts on the TestNet and on the MainNet as well as execute transactions automatically. 

Before deploying the smart contract, it is important to check whether the underlying blockchain produces/ mints blocks successfully on the ledger, and following that persistent block generation appears. 

Deploying a smart contract on a blockchain consumes a sufficient amount of resources such as memory unit, central processing unit, and storage space – to run properly. This is the reason why, prior to deploying the smart contract to the MainNet, it is thoroughly tested and run on a TestNet by the developer or blockchain consulting services. 

After deployment and initiation of the smart contract via Wallet-cli, import the private keys and inquire if the remaining balance is correct. On contract deployment, a message will be displayed. After the message is received, acquire the addresses of the contracts.

As more businesses become familiar with the technology, the boundaries of technicals expertise of Blockchain development company and potential applications of DApps continues to snowball. 

Yodaplus offers Custom blockchain development to a wide spectrum of businesses ranging from healthcare, to supply chain to logistics including utility and emerging startups. We design and develop state-of-the-art peer-to-peer decentralized applications to top the Xinfin blockchain/ XDC Network.

At Yodaplus, we strive to serve the best, so we provide all our blockchain app development services on top of the most efficient blockchain network – the XDC Network. In addition to blockchain development services, we also offer a host of other services such as asset tokenization services, Decentralized Finance Defi application development services, multi-sig wallet development services, blockchain-based capital market technology services, and enterprise application integration EAI services. 

If you have more queries regarding the DApp development process with the XDC network, then do contact our expert blockchain consulting services team.