Yodaplus Multisig Wallet: Be In Charge of Your Digital Assets

Yplusvault - Yodaplus Multisig Wallet

Manage Your DigiAssets with Advanced Technology

Yplusvault is a MultiSig wallet architectured as a decentralised application on the Xinfin blockchain. It operates worldwide on XDCNetwork, with no intermediaries, making it safer for conducting transactions at the individual and organisation levels. It's a one-stop-shop solution for your advanced digital asset security needs.

Secure, Reliable and Accessible.

Yplusvault is an industry-leading MultiSig wallet because we provide safe, reliable, and trustworthy technology for your transactions.

XinFin Network Community

XinFin is a Hybrid Blockchain platform with an open-source architecture and a global community of independent contributors. By utilizing a delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, the XDC Network can deliver exceptional transaction speed and minimal transaction costs.


Yodaplus' MultiSig wallet operates in a decentralized, peer-to-peer manner, assisting trade finance originators in distributing deals to a diverse group of funders, including both banks and non-bank entities. It facilitates efficient capital management and strengthens buyer/supplier relationships for both corporate and government treasuries.

Yplusvault is a Multi-utility Wallet

Yplus Vault for Individuals

Yplusvaults can be used on multiple devices, like hardware wallets, laptops, paper wallets, or a combination to store your digital assets

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Digital Assets

YPlus Multisig Vault supports XDC, XRC20 Tokens(SRX, PLI, USNOTA, GBEX), stable coins (SGDG, EURG, HKDG, USDG), and XRC721 (Collectibles). You can easily find the fiat values of your assets in the vault.

Hardware Wallet

Connect to a D’cent Hardware Wallet

You can easily connect to the XDCPay wallet and a hardware wallet D’cent.

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The Perfect MultiSig Wallet for Enterprises.

Enterprises require more accessibility control, segmentation, and access permission over their digital assets, which can be easily configured on Yplusvaults.

Yplusvaults: Multisig Apps

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Yplusvault is built on the Xinfin blockchain on the XDCNetwork. Every transaction needs approval from a minimum number of participants before it can be conducted.

To secure your digital assets, consider three factors -

  • The number of owners
  • Your threshold
  • Which owner wallet do you use

It's best to use more than one owner and a threshold higher than one to ensure that no individual can execute a transaction independently.

The Safe is compatible with Xinpay, Metamask, hardware wallets like D’CENT, and mobile wallets that could support WalletConnect.

You can send funds by selecting "New Transactions" and clicking "Send Funds." You must specify your recipients and authenticate the transfer to complete the process.

To send new funds there is an option of “New Transaction” and click on “Send Funds”. Next, you will be able to select the recepients and proceed by transferring the assets to the recipient. After that, you can review the transactions and can modify the advanced transaction parameters like gas with utmost ease.

Yplusvault offers free demonstrations

Understand this industry-leading technology firsthand through a demo. Get in touch with us today.

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