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What is Financial Data Management?

Financial Data Management is a complex tandem between collecting, collating, governing, and ministering the raw data your organization produces every day. A sound data management strategy allows you to improve visibility into and enhance the usability of your data with a purpose-driven approach.

We Offer Custom-Built Enterprise Data Management Services.

We help organizations give structure and purpose to their volume-heavy unstructured data with an architecture that is customized to fit.

Your organisation generates large volumes of financial data through disparate, multitudinous channels each day. To make this data work for your business, mobilising a sound data management strategy helps achieve consistent, organisation-wide growth by converting it into intelligence.

Yodaplus assists your business with creating a centralized, singular data source to feed insights to all your systems. The screened, targeted and enriched insights help form a strong spine for all your data-informed business operations.

We help drive better data efficiencies at your enterprise with simplified, custom-configured enterprise data management solutions. Our EDM experts help you establish data governance and policies that work for your processes.

Why Implement Financial Data Management at Your Organisation?

Knowledge is power. By leveraging the processing capabilities of data-homogenising technologies, it's possible to synthesise deep insights even from your organisation's raw, heterogenous, and siloed data.

Enterprise data management solutions help you derive business intelligence from amorphous information that enters your systems each day. It allows you to improve compliance, bolster growth strategies, and lessen potential risks associated with unmanaged data (such as consumer privacy breaches).

A sound data management strategy guides your processes and workflows towards holistic optimisation, improved resource allocation and access control. Through EDM, your organization can federate and manage data across all sources with improved handling.

Domain-Based to Recipient Based
Domain-Based to Recipient Based
Five Phases of Data Management

Make Better Decisions with Yodaplus' EDM Solutions

  1. Harmonised Systems

    We help with systems integrations to facilitate a streamlined data flow between your enterprise systems, whether legacy or new.

  2. Validated Insights

    Your organization functions more confidently with verified, reconciled, enriched information filtered through our efficient EDM systems.

  3. Data Quality Measurement

    We perform data evaluations to check for six crucial parameters: uniqueness, validity, timeliness, consistency, accuracy, and completeness.

  1. Data Administration

    We assist your organization in establishing a single source of truth for all enterprise data, improving the visibility and transparency of data assets and audits.

  2. Data Explicitness

    We establish clear, overarching data relationships that are collative and comparative to allow for informed decision-making.

  3. Data Circulation

    We help your organization achieve data dissemination using the right tools, modes, formats, and channels at the right time.

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We're your committed data partners for achieving excellent data diligence at your enterprise.

We're aware that the needs of every business are unique. To that end, we provision resilient enterprise data management solutions that take to your workflows seamlessly. Our customised implementation for enterprise data management reflects your enterprise needs, addressing each pain point specifically while improving the overall operations at scale. The data models, architecture and methodologies we implement are industry standard and verified, aiding your business derive better results in the long run.


There key components of enterprise data management:

  • Data Governance
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Security
  • Data Ingestion
  • Data Integration
  • Data Consumption

Our enterprise data management solutions are made-to-order according to the needs of your enterprise. This helps us ensure your business is able to maximise its returns from the solution.

Depending on the size of your organisation and the scale of implementation, Yodaplus provides you with realistic timelines for EDM implementation.

While Enterprise Data Management (EDM) covers various data-related activities in an organization, such as governance, architecture, integration, quality, metadata, and security, MDM is a specific approach that aims to create a reliable, unified source for crucial data elements like customer or product data, that can be utilized across various applications and systems.

Yodaplus can make your enterprise data work for you through robust enterprise data management solutions.

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