Yodaplus Defi Lending Pool for Crypto-Investors Need a secure and innovative way to trade in asset-backed tokens?

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How does Yodaplus DeFi Lending Pool Work?

The Yodaplus lending pool is powered by our tokenisation platform. Our DeFi lending pool is a tremendous asset for FinTech companies, financial institutions, and banks who desire to expand their investment opportunities through white labelling.

Our Lending Pool brings the high liquidity of asset-backed crypto tokens on the XDC Network within your company's reach. The investment returns that your company receives are stored in a distributed fashion in the decentralised network of the blockchain, governed by automated smart contracts that enhance the transparency of transactions and make the processes seamless.

The assets on Yodaplus lending pool is mobilised through the automated DVP settlement process that all the issued investment tokens on the network adhere to. The tokens that investors pool their funds in are secured thoroughly using smart contracts and can be issued or redeemed (upon maturity) at the prevailing NAV of the lending pool. Smart contracts of the lending pool also govern all the NAV calculations, which are also automated, removing any bias or errors.

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Yodaplus DeFi lending pool offers a secure way to issue and redeem asset-backed tokens.

Xinfin Community

Yodaplus lending pool allows you to achieve stellar transaction speeds through the Xinfin blockchain. It is a community-led, open-source, and global network, allowing you to trade with one of the lowest network costs.


Trade finance providers can leverage the decentralised, peer-to-peer platform to improve deal distribution. This is a tremendous opportunity for corporate and government treasuries to efficiently manage their capital and strengthen stakeholder relationships.

Extensive Features for Better Trade

Yodaplus DeFi lending pool seamless trade and enhance trust between users. We also feature highly parametric incentive mechanisms to balance the loan market.

  1. Warm Wallet with HSM

    Using our lending pool, you can now create as many warm wallets with HSM security (hardware security module) as you require. These wallets are well suited to frequent users because of their high availability and reduced execution times.

  2. Supports Multi-tenancy

    You can leverage the multitenant architecture of our lending pool to create customised instances in the same wallet. By serving multiple tenants on the same server, we provide a seamless experience without any added individual hardware and software costs.

  1. Omnibus Accounts

    Yodaplus DeFi lending pool enables you to deliver more versatility to your clientele through omnibus customer securities accounts that can be created on private chains, eliminating high network fees. Users can do it by making transactions off-chain.

  2. Secured Smart Contracts

    We fulfil your needs for all types of smart contracts, whether you require ERC777 or ERC20.

Yodaplus Capital Market

Feature-Rich Lending Pool for
Your Crypto Investments

Investors can exercise more control over their asset-backed tokens with an in-house developed lending pool. Specially curated for crypto investors, trade your assets with the utmost security and transparency.


Yodaplus DeFi lending pool leverages the tokenisation platform to issue NAV-based pool tokens to investors. All functions in the lending pool are governed by smart contracts using decentralised blockchain technology. This helps provide transparency and security for investments, funds, and returns at maturity.

Yes, a lending pool is beneficial for both the borrower and the investor. While borrowers get better access to liquid funds, the investors get the opportunity to expand their trading portfolios.

Lending pools are an excellent way for funders to reduce their reliance on collateral, which is consequently good for the economy.

Lending pools allow a larger asset to be tokenised as multiple units, giving funding flexibility to the issuer and investment versatility to the investor. This innovative mechanism drives popularity and opens up many opportunities for the future of trading.

Absolutely. Our lending pool is based on the Xinfin blockchain on the XDC Network, which is global, contributor-led, and designed in-house with ingrained reliability.

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