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What is Asset Tokenisation?

Asset tokenisation converts physical assets into digital tokens on the blockchain network via asset tokenisation platforms. Yodaplus uses distributed ledger technology to ensure that your assets are transformed into immutable, secure digital tokens that individual actors cannot alter.

Notable Features of Asset Tokenisation

Fractional Possession

Our asset tokenization platform allows you to divide your asset into parts using digitised tokens and distribute the ownership with better control. Make your investments more versatile and more equitable with Yodaplus.


We leverage the immutability of blockchain technology to provide you with transparent, secure, and indelible records of transaction and asset ownership to make digital investments safer and more reliable.

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Almost every asset class can be tokenized, from bonds to racehorses, without hassle.

What Can Be Tokenized

Tokenize a wide range of assets

With the Yodaplus asset tokenisation platform, you can convert various assets into digital tokens on blockchain: digital media, real estate properties, precious metals, venture capital funds, asset rights, bonds, and more.

Applications and Benefits of Tokenisation


Asset tokens are blockchain-based tokens representing one unit of or the entire property/asset in the digital format. Asset-backed tokens can represent anything of value, such as vehicles, real estate, and even antiques.

Yes, converting your assets on asset tokenisation platforms improves investment liquidity and opportunities, reduces management costs, facilitates shared ownership of larger assets, and improves asset security.

Asset tokenisation platforms leverage the power of blockchain technology to provide robust security for your assets. Every transaction is verified on the blockchain and stored across the decentralised network as tamper-proof evidence.

All the assets that hold value in the trading ecosystem can be tokenized on asset tokenisation platforms. For example, you can securely tokenize real estate, artworks, antiques, sports cards, etc., to be traded over blockchain networks.

Encryption is based on the principles of mathematics to generate ciphers for securing information. Tokenization differs from encryption in this aspect - it randomises the generation of token values for sensitive data and stores the original data securely until an authorised request to retrieve it.

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