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Client Summary

NutrifyToday is an exclusive B2B nutrition business enablement marketplace platform offering curated market access, new product design and commercialization, and pre-screened business networking, to a wide range of nutraceutical ventures, from start-ups to established businesses.

Core Business Challenge

The highly regulated nutraceutical industry, still in its infancy, lacks the framework to power the seamless, innovative, and responsible development and distribution of nutraceutical products due to the following challenges:

Key challenges included:

  • Lack of a single, organized repository to reference the massive amounts of information that is currently available.
  • Lack of validation and data integration of authentic information related to human health. For example, ingredients effective in treating a particular disease need to be correctly mapped within the system. Any lack thereof can result in serious consequences.
  • Ineffective communication and collaboration channels between suppliers and manufacturers of nutraceutical ingredients who are based across a wide range of locations.

While NutrifyToday had developed a robust framework, it needed to drive awareness and establish itself as a go-to marketplace among potential users of a one-stop solution for all nutraceutical-related needs. The company required a strategic digital intervention to connect the dots between multiple stakeholders.

Our Solution

Yodaplus Technologies partnered with NutrifyToday to build a single, unified, engaging, one-stop digital presence that brings all stakeholders onto one platform and facilitates the full spectrum of business activities - from managing staff and gathering/searching scientific data to new product development, L&D, and connecting with likeminded people in the nutraceutical space.

Here's a snapshot of key solutions:

  • Our Solution The Nutrify Genie: This consent-based mechanism enables suppliers and manufacturers to engage with each other seamlessly. Researchers can also connect with contract manufacturers to obtain the necessary ingredients and prepare for new product development. The platform's user-friendly features streamline the entire process, making it easy and convenient for researchers to achieve their goals. The subscription feature gives users access to valuable ingredient-related information, which is mapped to various disorders/diseases, backed by relevant research papers and citations.
  • Our Solution Lead generation features: The platform comes with teaser features such as Nutrify Snips, podcasts, health-related blogs, and a human anatomy clicks platform to generate user interest and sign-ups.
  • Our Solution Personalization of products: The platform enables users to generate personalized nutritional products that comply with the regulatory requirements of their respective countries (specific ingredients and at what dosages). Additionally, functionality has been integrated to enable users to develop customized products based on clinical trials conducted for specific diseases.
  • Our Solution Smart Labels: This feature provides users with pre-made labels with the correct dosage values for different nutraceutical products, which enables them to develop products faster.
  • Our Solution Build expertise: The platform also offers users access to online technical courses to help them become experts in the nutraceutical industry.
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Nutrify Solution

Solution Outcomes

  1. Post-launch of NutrifyToday's digital marketplace, the company successfully raised seed funds to the tune of $ 500,000 to help further fortify the product technology and new product development.

  2. The investment will go towards fully automating the platform and covering 20 countries for new product development, commercialization, and supply chain solutions for small to mid-sized companies in the nutraceutical industry.

  3. Currently, NutrifyToday's platform boasts over 18,000 industry networks and aims to across 450,000 industry networks by 2025. Digital transformation will play a key role in this growth strategy.

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