6 Benefits of Multisig Wallets that You Don’t Want to Miss

crypto multisignature wallet

In the light of growing institutional usage of digital assets, financial institutions now require secure means to hold their money. Multi-signature (multisig) wallets give owners of digital assets an extra degree of security to protect their money when implemented properly. Cryptocurrency wallets that use multisig require two or more distinct private keys in order to … Read more

What is ESG Data Management?

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In 2021, a survey conducted among institutional investors and wealth and asset management firms revealed that 61% of billionaire investors participated in investment activities relating to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) financial products. Investors actively seek a company’s ESG data before making decisions. The findings of the same survey capture a significant shift towards ESG-prioritized … Read more

How to Implement Custom Blockchain into Practice for Your Company?

A few years ago if you had asked around about blockchain technology, you would have received varied answers. One half would have told you how they have little to no idea about what blockchain is, the other half would have told you that it’s too good to be true to be implemented in real life. … Read more

How Enterprise Data Management Drives Business Growth and Profitability

Yodaplus Enterprise Data Management

Today, organizations across almost every sector generate massive amounts of enterprise data each second. Data is an asset to any business, and data-centricity is a driver of growth and profitability. In essence, they are sitting on a goldmine. However, the inability to strategically capture, integrate, organize, analyze and distribute data, stands in the way of … Read more

How Blockchain is changing the capital markets around the world?

When we talk about Capital Markets, we immediately think of the stock market or the bond market. A Capital market is a location where buyers and sellers trade financial securities like bonds, stocks, etc.   Participants in the trade include both individuals and institutions. Banks and investors are frequently suppliers, whereas firms, governments, and individuals … Read more

What are TvT settlements in Asset Tokenization?

TvT settlements in Asset Tokenization

“Tokenization” is a concept that is being highly talked about in the Financial and Defi sector today. Both established financial institutions and newcomers are heavily investing in projects aimed at converting securities into digital tokens, which are digital representations of value In this blog, we’re going to talk about Token vs Token Settlements, but before … Read more

What are The Features Of An Asset Tokenization Platform?

The introduction of cryptocurrency ushered in a new era of possibilities for revolutionizing the way investments and assets are issued, maintained, and traded. Blockchain, the technology driving cryptocurrency, is a distributed ledger technology that has opened the gates to a large variety of investment opportunities. Blockchain will change the financial sector by allowing an asset … Read more

7 Popular Use Cases of Asset Tokenization

7 Popular Use Cases of Asset Tokenization

Blockchain technology has made the exchange of value easier than ever before, especially in digital assets like cryptocurrency and digital tokens. They have emerged as the top trends that are poised to bring a transformative difference in the fintech world. As per the World Economic Forum, the market capitalization of the tokenized asset is expected … Read more

How to Set Up a Custom Blockchain DApp for Your Company

How to Set Up a Custom Blockchain DApp for Your Company

Blockchain is a disruptive technology, there is no doubt about that, but still, there is plenty of room for innovation, as this technology evolves over time.   In fact, according to market research, several traditional businesses are employing Custom blockchain development services in order to explore the possibilities of this new emerging technology as well as … Read more

Overview, Benefits, and Real-World Use Cases of Asset Tokenization

Overview, Benefits, and Real-World Use Cases of Asset Tokenization

With the emergence of blockchain technology, the way regular and institutional investors invest has thoroughly changed across the board. Asset tokenization is disrupting the financial industry in real-time. From real estate property to painting to precious metal to companies share, everything is being digitized and tokenized by the digital asset tokenization services on top of … Read more

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