The Impact and Future of AI in Software Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing many industries, and the IT industry is no exception. Its impact is profound, with millions of developers relying on AI to optimize the software development process. From automating routine and mundane tasks to analyzing code for defects and bugs in a short time, AI has transformed software development. We are … Read more

The Future of Bank Risk Management: Navigating Regulatory, Customer, Technological, and Cost Challenges

Executive Summary Bank risk management is undergoing significant changes due to the evolving landscape of regulatory requirements, shifting customer expectations, advancements in technology and analytics, emerging non-financial risks, never seen before economic uncertainties, the need for unbiased decision-making, and the demand for cost savings. In this blog, we will explore these six parameters and discuss … Read more

What are Smart Contracts ?

Contracts play a significant role in shaping much of our professional and personal lives and are essential for modern society to operate effectively. In the context of blockchain technology, smart contracts serve as a crucial aspect, making transactions safer, more secure, and operating efficiently. Additionally, smart contracts enhance accessibility of various programs that run on … Read more

ESG Scores Explained

Traditionally, investors and other stakeholders in business considered profitability to be the top factor upon which they would make key decisions. This trend has shifted over the last several years. Today, the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores of businesses are emerging as the top metrics upon which investment decisions are made. For instance, ESG-focused … Read more

How the FTX Debacle Highlights the Need for Self Custody

Between 2018 and 2020, the international cryptocurrency user base grew by nearly 190%. Crypto’s total global market capitalization peaked at over $2.9 trillion in November 2021. However, by December 2022, it stood at just $798 billion. FTX’s downfall in November 2022 was one of the key events that had a domino effect on the global … Read more

The Importance of ESG Data in Making Investment Decisions

The importance of ESG data in making investment decisions cannot be overstated. ESG, which stands for environmental, social, and governance, refers to the three key areas that investors consider when evaluating a company’s sustainability and responsible business practices. By considering these factors, investors can gain a better understanding of a company’s overall performance and make … Read more

6 Benefits of Multisig Wallets that You Don’t Want to Miss

In the light of growing institutional usage of digital assets, financial institutions now require secure means to hold their money. Multisignature (multisig) wallets give owners of digital assets an extra degree of security to protect their money when implemented properly. Cryptocurrency wallets that use multisig require two or more distinct private keys in order to … Read more

What is ESG Data Management?

In 2021, a survey conducted among institutional investors and wealth and asset management firms revealed that 61% of billionaire investors participated in investment activities relating to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) financial products. Investors actively seek a company’s ESG data before making decisions. The findings of the same survey capture a significant shift towards ESG-prioritized … Read more

How Enterprise Data Management Drives Business Growth and Profitability

Today, organizations across almost every sector generate massive amounts of enterprise data each second. Data is an asset to any business, and data-centricity is a driver of growth and profitability. In essence, they are sitting on a goldmine. However, the inability to strategically capture, integrate, organize, analyze and distribute data, stands in the way of … Read more

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